More photo and video coming from smartphones -> News reporting by public. Mainstream media has picked up on content within hours, eg Syria. But in Mexico protests, media blackout has been successful. Best news is P2P as it is harder to control.

Personal experience with getting his own smartphone; habit of pulling it out to use, turning into an asshole.

Got you even better.

Got you even better.

Wanna go for a dip?


My wife made me swear I’d post something cute and not gross today.

First paper I’ve read in a long time.

First paper I’ve read in a long time.

It’s easy to come across professional when you know what your talking about.
August Burns Red - Leveler
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A friend sent me this, which I’m pretty sure isn’t out yet, but I guess it’s a sign of amazing things to come!

Rating: Mind-blowingly awesome

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So ive just made a tumblr. Lets see how this fairs for me (Y)